Question 4: How to reach at samadhi level in meditation and feel the real truth?

Question 4:  How to reach at samadhi level in meditation and feel the real truth?

This question asked by one of my whatsapp group member.


You need to know 4yog to achieve this level.

Ashtang yog, Karma Yog, Gyan Yog & Bhakti Yog.

But not need more hard efforts to feel real truth.

It is easy and achievable by everybody even illiterate person also can achieve this level and feel the real truth.

Let’s see how can you achieve

Ashtang yog

In ashtang yog , you need to know first 3 steps (yam, niyam and sukhasan) , make bhav for follow it with sincerely. You will need to use VivekBuddhi (Discretion, Pragna) in this three steps.

4th step ‘do pranayama regularly’ – in this stage you need just focus on breathing with complete presence of mind.

5th step is pratyahara, this is chit cleansing process. For that you need to divert your all senses onwards to atma. For that you can do practice of yoga nidra along with use the knowledge of GnanYog (Aatma, Senses and Conscience). You required teacher with pure conscience, who have GnanYog. You can resolve your goal to know real truth in this stage.

6th step is Dharana, concentration. It just practice with candle flame.

7th step is Dhyana (Meditation), Meditation is just previous stage of samadhi (avastha), it is not concentration. Meditation is de-concentration. Meditation is generated automatically, it does not have to be done. No required any hard efforts for this. In this stage your chit is constantly on your goal, meditation i Meditation is not just about sitting down, it can be during walking, it can be during action. (KarmYog will help to understand this stage)

Samadhi, this is 8th step of ashtang yog. Samadhi is complete awakening. Whatever you thinking, whatever you doing, whatever situations out side and around you, no matter.. you are complete awaken with your real one and relative one. In this stage you are just ‘Gnata Drashta’ (Knower and Seer), not doer, even you are doing any work!

In this stage you complete dissolve in parmatma ,within you! This is the feeling of real truth!

I have achieved this stage, and feeling real truth each and every moment!

So, you can also achieve this stage and feel real truth.


Thank you

To Giving chance to share this science by asking question.

Adhyatmik Vignani Lalit (Spiritual Scientist Lalit)



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