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Happiness is the best fruit of Satisfaction.

Happiness(Sukh) is the best fruit(Result) of Satisfaction(Santosh) The ‘intense desire for the subjects of craving and lust’ is the root of dissatisfaction, it hinders the attainment of supreme bliss (Paramanand). True happiness is achieved only when the roots of this dissatisfaction disappear. True happiness and satisfaction are inner feelings. Because Bliss(Anand) is one of the three characteristics of the soul. ...

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What is Kama Purushartha ?

What is Kama Purushartha ?The word Kama is efforts (action) for the satisfaction of the mind and senses.A sincere marital relationship is a perfect example of this.In the kama purushartha a person can find the perfect expression of love and joy amidst the family atmosphere.The desire to gain power or prestige in the home or in external affairs also means ...

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