Udyam Kalpdroom

Udyam Kalpdroom

Udyam Kalpdroom is Sanskrit Word

Udyam means ‘Work for Earning’

Kalpdroom means ‘Resolution Tree’ in form of ‘Real Art’

It is Antahakarana Science.

Antahakarana means conscience which is inner system of human being.

Conscience is divided into four parts.

These four parts of conscience are as below;

  1. Mind (Producing Thoughts)
  2. Intellect (Taking Decisions)
  3. Chit (Consciousness) (Capturing Thoughts)
  4. Ego (Claiming Doership)

So Udyami (Entrepreneur)  should understand his/her own conscience to get success in out side.

Because the programming of speech as well as action takes place first in the conscience.

So for Greatest Mindset of Udyami (Entrepreneur) kalpdroom science can be helpful.

This is the artistic symbol of the Kalpdroom.

We are giving consultation for Entrepreneur (Udyami) mindset for their goals.
So, ‘Clear your why before you fly’ with Kalpdroom DreamSleep Meditation, and become a Greatest doer to achieve your dream.

Kalpdroom DreamSleep is an Yoga Practices in Relaxation mode (in sleeping posture).

We are giving DreamSleep practice online.

Thank you.

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Udyam Kalpdroom for Entrepreneur
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