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‘Yujon is formed by two words by ‘Yuj’ (It’s route word of Yoga ) and ‘on’ is English word means ‘always’, ‘continue’.  So, it’s combination of east & west to fulfil oneness around world as ‘Vasudheva Kutumbakam’ , All world is one single family.

Aim is ‘Peace, Prosperity, Progress, Unity, Health, Harmony and Happiness’

Why need ‘Kalpdroom Science’ in new generation era?

This is era is the era of technology and science, and in science related to human life and living its required to be applied in routine life for holistic health.

In kalpdroom science, ‘social science’ is educating peoples for social wellbeing by connecting with various peoples for positive work for society to maintain harmony, love, joy and happiness.

The celebration i.e. birthday, marriage anniversary etc. will bring people together in their life journey.

‘Cultural science’ educating peoples to exchange the culture around world for harmony and know about great cultures all of the community. i.e. holi, diwali, christmas , eed etc… so, when all people get connection though kalpdroom , they enjoy the culture of each other without discrimination of cast, gender, religion, territories etc.


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