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Welcome to ‘Love, Joy & Happiness’.

If you are finding true meaning of life along with love, joy and happiness,

this is the right platform for you. ‘prove your dreams true’.

When true knowledge and life science come together, we can feel love, joy & happiness.

Kalpdroom‘ is resolution tree for ‘what you want’.

Kalpdroom is a science which make our life ‘easy and meaningful’, no matter who you are and from where are you ?

Know the science of  the ‘two aspects of our life’;

  • Inner aspect, and
  • Outer aspect

Inner aspect

  • Mana (Mind)
  • Budhdhi (Intellect)
  • Chitt(Refclactive Conscioussness)
  • Ahankar (Ego)

Outer aspect

  • 5 senses of knowledge
  • 5 senses of act

Natural Law of the Universe & Human Life

Universe & We

  • We formed by 5 elements: Pruthvi, Jal, Tej, Vayu & Akash
  • Universe also formed with these 5 elements

Birth & Re-Birth / Liberation

  • It’s a science of ‘Cause & Effect’
  • Once we know the science of ‘Cause’ , we can set the better cause for better life.

Love, Joy & Happiness

do you know ?

  • why need to do love for creatures ? !
  • how can get joy in our routine life ? !
  • there is two type of happiness !


  • It’s requirement for all living things such as human, plants, animals, birds etc.


  • When we make other’s life joyful, we can feel more joy in our life.


  • Two type of happiness: 1) Temporary & 2) Eternal (Parmenant).
  • Temporary happiness is depends on other things.
  • Eternal happiness is independents.

What’s aim of the kalpdroom science ?

  • Peace
  • Progress
  • Prosperity
  • Unity
  • Health
  • Harmony
  • Happiness

It’s a roket science ?

  • No, kalpdroom science is not a science of holistic living and life and beyond that…
  • It’s an applied science to make our life meangful, lovely, joyful and happy.

We are guest of nature !

  • Yes, It’s true – ‘We are guest of nature!’

So, What’s next step ?

  • ‘Clear your why, before you fly’
  • ‘prove your dreams true’
  • ‘Let’s your lige with Pure Love, True Joy & Permanent Happiness’

Thank you,

Sc. Lalit Kachhadiya

Holistic Living Spiritual Scientist