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loving ourselves means loving entire universe

what is the love of universe and what is the universal love. and what does it mean when you start loving the universe. when you love the universe  you love yourself. and when you love yourself then universe start loving you. loving universe means loving everything in the universe that can be anything trees,water, people, air everything in the universe because everything in this universe is connected loving yourself means loving part of yourself. everything around you is the universe the chair you are seating on the air you are breathing, the water you are drinking, the space you are shearing is the universe you should be grateful for everything whatever you have around you because everything around you is helping you to become who you meant to be. so to not take anything for granted become aware of everything which you have because that’s the universe.

start everyday with gratitude thank the universe for what you have right now thank the universe for loving you and supporting you. thank the universe for being with you. at morning do one the get up and write down 3 things that you are grateful for and be honest with each and everything you are writing about. thank universe for providing love, comfort, and security

meditate daily to connect with yourself. spend some time in nature to connect with the mother earth and for being less materialistic. show kindness toward everyone without expecting anything from them. love yourself and everyone unconditionally. love mother earth unconditionally. show gratitude towards everyone for no reason that’s when you love yourself and the entire universe.

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