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My2i Who am i?!


We are giving the science of holistic living & life with the title ‘My2i Who am i?!’.

What is this ?

  • It is the science of ‘relativity’ & ‘reality’ of human existence and life.
  • It is the science of ‘Active Living Soul, Pure Soul & Supreme Soul’ which is power of ‘body & mind’.
  • It is science of Birth & Rebirth.

What is the Benefits of ‘My2i Who am i?!’.

  • By knowing this science, Human can become a fearless & easily handle and sustain in any situation.
  • Human can aware to plan for next birth as per their choice.
  • Human can think about law of deeds and result , law karma.
  • It can give 100% spiritual well-being and it is need for health as per WHO.


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