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The ego vs real you.

The ego is the outer shell of ourselves. It is not who we are. Ego is neither positive or negative. It is just a one tiny part of ourselves of what we are. Ego is the mask that many of us carrying around. It is just protective layer. It is the sunglasses. Ego is the expression of ourselves but it is not who we are.

           I am greatest…..

          I am best…..

          Nobody is better than me…..

There is no ego without comparison. Ego is created by the fear. Stop comparing ourselves to others it is how to deal with the ego. Because ego always wants to compete. ego is all about survival.

Ego is link to the mind not to the heart. Heart does not need survival. To deal with the ego we have to remind ourselves. We need to let go of control. We need to let go if everything that do not belongs to us. The ego is all about controlling the situation or reacting to the situation not responding to the situation. We just need to stop controlling everything around us.

Ego never wants to be wrong ego always wants to be right. Because ego is afraid. Ego is afraid of losing control. Ego wants to live in separation. There is no I without we. We all are connected we all are codependent with each other and that is how everything works in the universe.

We have to use ego positively not use by the ego negatively.


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