Before to know about Jadibuti, We should understand Prakriti’ (Nature), there after we will go to understand What is Jadibuti & Why Jadibuti ?

Do you know we are part of the nature. Our body is made up with ‘pancha mahabhuta’  Prithvi-Jal-Agni-Vayu-Akash & Universe is also made up with these 5 natural elements Prithvi-Jal-Agni-Vayu-Akash.

So, When we use anythings which is made with these 5 natural elements , our body will accept that as a friendly, and we will feel better with no any unusual.

This is call Prakriti’ (Nature). And   ‘Jadibuti’ is prakriti, yes, it is herbs or pant which is made by nature ! . and thatswhy I recommend to use products which is made by Jadibuti‘.

I am not promoting any company to get commercial benefits, but I must to suggest some of company which is manufacturing such products. Of course !, I appreciating them to do this with good quality. Among this, we are ‘better living partner’ of the ‘NLD Cosmetics’. 

‘NLD Cosmetics’ is taking care of their clients to provide better natural products with ‘Jadibuti’.

Yujon means ‘to unite always‘ , So we should unite with any natural things in our daily routine life to get overall positive well-being.

Dr. Lalit Kachhadiya, RD*


( Holistic Life & Living Consultant)

*Registered Dietitian Intern 2014, IDA Gujarat.