Reference Books

Text Books

  1. Massage Book – By George Downing
  2. Massage -By Constant young
  3. Massage Therapy – By Dr.J.H.Kellog
  4. The complete book of massage -By Clare Maxwell Hudson
  5. Step by Step Massage – By CaroleMe.Gilvery and Gini Reed
  6. The Book of massage -By Luinda Lidet

    The Complete Step – by – Step with Sarathomas, carola Guide to eastern and western Berb Ford Cooke and Techniques Anthony Porta
  7. Massage to common ailments -By Penny Rich
  8. Baby Massage. The Magic of Loving Touch -By Auckett, Anelia D
  9. Natural Healing from Head to Toe  -By Aihara. Cornellia S Aihara, Herman
  10. Massage Works – By D. Baloti Lawrence and Lewis harrison
  11.  Manual of Osteopathy Practice РBy Alan Stoddard
  12. Alternative Chiropractice -By Susan Moore
  13. Massage (Ayurvedic) -By Achanta Laxmipathy

Reference Books

  1. The Panchakarma Treatment


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