Yujon Kalpdroom

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Yujon® Kalpdroom® Theory & Unique Artistic Holly Tools (Invented Research)

“Clear Your Why, Before You Fly”™ with “Cosmic Consciousness”                                

  • Invented by Yogic Scientist Lalit Kachhadiya India in July 2016.
  • Yujon® means “to unite always”™. Yuj is a Sanskrit root word of yoga.
  • Kalpdroom® means in Sanskrit is “The Desire Tree” (to fulfill desires or main goals of life). On the bases of “to do good of others, lies our own”.
  • Quantum theory applied through Ancient Indian Art & Yogic Science.
  • Isn’t just real—it’s totally necessary.
  • It is integrated part of Yogic Sleep (Yoga Nidra) – Yujon Dream Sleep.
  • Resolve (Yujon Kalpdroom) can be put in mind in alpha waves during Yujon Dream Sleep. Plus benefits are 3 folds relaxations: Mental, Muscular & Emotional.
  • Scientific evidence supports this theory.
  • It is proven that one who connects with their own Yujon Kalpdroom can achieve their goals.
  • Yujon Kalpdroom is Cosmic Consciousness tools in form of holly art with unique code following Law of attraction universal rules.
  • This is just pearl of cosmic consciousness. To know how it works & mechanisms of scientific action, you can book or download your unique yujon kalpdroom.

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Yujon Kalpdroom Core Benefits

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